Building of complete delivery

Following the social responsibility principles "NZRMK named after N.E. Kryukov" JSC implements a number of programs directed to provision of additional social protection to the enterprise employees, their children, plant labor veterans and physically challenged individuals.

In 2006 was inaugurated Diagnostic and Treatment Center, which has in its arsenal of modern diagnostic and treatment equipment. In February 2012 DTC of "NZRMK named after N.E. Kryukov" received the status of "Best Health Care Institution of the Russian Federation in 2012 " at the competition held ANO SRI "StatEkspert "(Moscow).


Protection program for veterans and socially disadvantaged citizen categories: handouts of food packages and monetary assistance for retirees and physically challenged individuals, health and recreation resort services, assistance in fuel purchases, free dental service and privileged prosthetic service.

General director’s meetings with studies A-graders are traditionally held.

Advanced professional training is carried out in two directions: training in professional fields and management pool training.

Conditions are created for employees’ recreation: athletic and recreation fields at the plant, "Fight" sports club.

"Kostenkovo" vocation retreat center for free rest and treatment of the plant employees, their family members and veterans.

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