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Licenses to designing and manufacturing of steel tanks, buildings and installations.

In the beginning of 90-ies the plant headed for mastering of new types of products and technical upgrading.

Simultaneously with that the plant Quality Policy was established.

To advance further we referred to the ISO 9000 series international standards, valid at that time version of ISO 9001:1987.

Introduction of ISO 9001 quality system was necessary for internal needs in the first place, to ensure possibility of operating in compliance with the western standards.

Since 1992 there is a developed, documented and maintained quality management system at the plant.

Since that time the plant cooperates with the Industrial division of the Lloyd’s Register and annually confirms compliance of quality system to the LRID Scheme of the Lloyd’s Register and ISO 9001 standard with the certificate reception. In addition to that in 2000 the quality system was approved by the Quality division of the Lloyd’s Register with the certificate reception for the period of three years as applied to “Designing and manufacturing of steel welded structures”. In the same year a compliance certificate was acquired to the GOST R ISO 9001-94 Quality system from the certification agency of Gosstandart and Gosstroy – Federal research and development center for certification in construction.

After issuing of ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 9001:2008, BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and GOST R ISO 9001-2008 the plant was successfully recertified in the Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance company and “Kemerovo center for standardization, metrology and certification” federal state institution.

The main quality system document is “Quality Manual” – its sixths revision is currently valid (since 2008). It presents the plant quality system description, functions as a reference document for customers in contracting, acknowledgement of the plant ability to manufacture high quality products. Is a compulsory document for internal use: fixes organizational structure, distribution of authority and responsibilities between managers, interconnection of structural divisions at all stages of product life cycle, constitutes the basis for quality system documents development: standards, position descriptions.

Level one of Quality System documents – Quality manual, policies and objectives of the plant in the quality field. Directorate and all plant staff make a commitment to strictly follow the Policies established.

Level two of Quality System documents – procedures, in our case it’s the enterprise standards, there are 38 of them in total. The Manual gives references to all standards, their observance is obligatory for divisions the activities of which they are referred to.

Level three – quality plan, operating and process instructions, standards, regulations and specifications necessary to ensure efficient planning. In quality system it is important for all operation locations to be provided with manageable documentation.

Work in quality system begins with market studies and ends with commercial product shipment and satisfaction report. All divisions are incorporated into the quality system application scope.

Management system operation is upgraded and improved.