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Wall cladding and roofing sandwich panels.


Certificates for sandwich panels.

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Inscription on drawing: protective film, galvanized steel sheet with protective decorative coating, polyurethane adhesive, basalt-based rock wool board.

These panels are highly efficient architecturally expressive cladding structures for outer walls, insulated partition walls and covering for quick-mount prefabricated industrial and civil buildings and installations, including warehouses, trading, administrative and public buildings, food industry enterprises, sports facilities, residential buildings, demountable buildings, cold storage coolers.

Five-stiffener roofing panel.


Panel coating: galvanized steel with colored paint coating by RAL catalogue, thickness of 0,5-0,7 mm domestically manufactured (NLMK) or imported (Finland). Shaping of cladding panel face: smooth sheet, nine dovetail grooves, five V-shaped grooves. Roofing panels are five-stiffener type.

Thermal insulation: basalt board with laterally oriented fiber with density at least 120 kg/m3 and 130 kg/m3 accordingly.

Width of cladding panels is 1190 mm, thickness varies from 50 to 250 mm, length varies from 1800 to 14000 mm. Panel jointing is executed by «Z-Lock» or «Secret-Fix» locks.

Width of roofing panels is 1000 mm. Thickness is 50-250 mm (corrugation height not included), length - 1800-14000 mm

Benefits of wall cladding and roofing sandwich panels

Cost effectiveness – due to low weight of sandwich panels. Transportation costs for 1 m2 of wall at sandwich application in construction is 50 times less compared to application of brick or reinforced concrete

Constructability – ease of assembling and disassembling, possibility of dismantling

Safety – highly hygienic properties of surface, high fire-resistance rating

Reliability – over 35 combinations of corrosion-resistant polymeric coating depending on operation conditions

Heat saving – thermal performance parameters of sandwich panel exceed traditional materials by 10 times

Quickness – construction speed of 1 m2 of sandwich panel wall is 80 faster than brick wall

Lightness – application of sandwich panels decreases foundation load over 500 times compared to application of brick or concrete

Cheapness – perfect surface of panels does not require any additional external or interior finishing

Attractiveness – rich color scheme of sandwich panels

Completeness – panels can be packaged with all shaped elements necessary for assembly manufactured from galvanized and painted thin sheet steel, thread-cutting screws, rivets and other hardware in compliance with the specifications

1) Standard Z-Lock

2) Concealed Secret Fix lock.


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