Steel vertical and horizontal

Steel window cross casements.

Designed to spacefill window openings in industrial buildings being erected with non-aggressive or mildly aggressive environment, and civil buildings.


Windows and frames are manufactured from lightweight steel continuous-type bend window profile by customer dimensions. Casement glazing is done either with glass or double glass units.

Manufacturing of windows with triple glazing units is also available.

Options for 1.436.3-21 and 1.436.2-17 series windows manufacturing.

- OGD – fixed window with singular casement;

- OTD – opening window with singular casement and transom opening gear;

- OGR – fixed window with separate casements;

- OTR – opening window with separate casements and transom opening gear;

- OTJ – louvered window with singular casement.

Windows are packaged with rubber sealing strips to fix glass and seal transoms ledge (for 1.436.2-17. series, besides, with aluminum glazing bead).

Manufacturing provides two types of glass (double glass units) fixing:

- 1.436.3-21 series

- 1.436.2-17 series

Серия 1.436.3-21
Серия 1.436.2-17

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