Metal structures of buildings and structures
Steel structures of bridges

Steel structures of bridges

Steel structures of bridges

JSC "NZRMK them NE Kryukov" has many years of experience in structural steel izgogotovleniya road and pedestrian bridges for all climatic regions of construction. Spans consist of unified dimensional mounting blocks full operational readiness, including orthotropic plate or room units farms, with installation for high-strength bolts or welding assembly by the customer.

Design in consultation with the customer experience double shot blasting stages in the blank and finished form before the application of anti-corrosion coating. To ensure the longevity of metal supplied by the company performs anti-corrosion coatings on European technology.

Installation is possible both spans and crane assembly method longitudinal sliding.

Delivery comprises:


support portions, mobile and fixed, including alloy

Expansion Joints

barrier fencing and railing

lighting poles


in addition, in the method of mounting sliding metal SVSiU:

avanbek and arerbek


nakatochnye carriage

rigging during sliding bearings

Elements of bridges are 100% of the control assembly that minimizes the additional work on the installation

Reliability packaging design prevents damage during transportation and installation. Production capacities allow to supply designs with the customer on an agreed schedule.

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