Metal structures of buildings and structures

Steel extruded grid decking and stair treads


Grid decking and stair treads are manufactured by cold extrusion method of binding and carrier strips on specialized equipment under pressure of up to 100 t based on the requirements of DIN 24537.

Extruded decking is easy in assembly, has improved operational parameters compared to corrugated flooring and expanded steel sheet, looks aesthetically appealing, which allows applying it at external and internal platforms and stairs including cases with increased interior design requirements

Standard dimensions of grid decking:

- Cell 33х33 mm

- Carrier strips 30х3 mm

- Binding strips 10х3 mm

- Carrier strip thickness 3 mm.

Extruded decking is manufactured from carbon steel, further galvanizing or prime coating is available. Maximal dimensions of grid decking are 1000х1000 mm. Manufacturing of non-standard extruded decking dimensions is possible by interconnection onto supporting framework, thus forming surfaces of required dimensions.

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